Military: B’Haram Rocket-making Factory Photos Not Real


Chief of Army Staff (CoAS), Lt-Gen. Tukur Yusufu Buratai says terrorists are surrendering, starved of funding.
The Nigerian military has debunked pictures of the rocket-making factory being displayed by
the Boko Haram terrorists as fake, saying the intention is to deceive members of the public on the insurgents’ potency. Some photographs purported to be sites of the insurgents’ bomb-making factories in thebNorth-east region allegedly released by Boko
Haram were displayed on some online platforms last week.
However, a top military chief has dismissed the pictures as a propaganda strategy of “a desperate and defeated terrorist group”, saying that the unveiled photos of its rocket-making factory, was that of Bama in Borno
State, which has long been destroyed by the military.

The source insisted that “what the Boko Haram is displaying with the images allegedly being their rocket-making factory is deceptive.
What you should ask is why didn’t they put it on video as they would normally do?

“Secondly, they do not currently possess the capacity to do such a thing because they are cash-starved and have lost their safe havens. I can tell you that this is an old picture of their Bama factory, which was destroyed a long time ago. These photos are just part of
their political and psychological warfare to pretend as if they have the capacity to do those kinds of things”, the source added.
The source also noted that Boko Haram terrorists are currently cash-starved, lacked the manpower and as well as territory to manufacture such rockets.
Investigations also revealed that the expected flow of cash, resources and intelligence from
the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has been truncated by the recent developments in the Middle East. “The point is that right now, Boko Haram lacks such capacity to manufacture the rockets in display because the ISIS they are depending on for cash are under immense pressure from the American and Russians bombardment in Syria and Iraq. So funding right now is difficult for them,” the source said.
Also, THISDAY findings further revealed that there is massive desertion by Boko Haram
fighters, who are currently testifying and identifying key members of the sect. According
to intelligence sources, the recent display of 100 key Boko Haram figures, was helped by the information supplied by the surrendering terrorists.
One of the reliable sources stated: “I can tell you authoritatively that what you are seeing in terms of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and the causing of panic within the Metropolitan areas is that the enemy are being dislodged from Sambisa forest. The
terrorists are in distress, and running up and down without a safe haven. They are surrendering in droves and the number of the
surrendering we have been having recently made it clear that the people they conscripted have all along been looking for a way of
escape. “You know that Federal Government recently launched ‘Operation Safe Corridor’ upon which a lot of the terrorists have surrendered with more coming out to lay down their arms and
we are still profiling them. The Committee that the President set up with the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) and the three state
governors of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe is working towards this goal.
“The next phase now is that we are engaged in psychological operations; a lot of leaflets are
being dropped from the sky over the Sambisa
forest, which is giving the terrorists a lot of hope that if they surrender, they won’t be victimised. So we have given them ‘Safe Corridor’ to surrender and warning those that
have failed to do so that if at the expiration of this Amnesty, they will be arrested,” the source added.

Meanwhile, the Chief of Army Staff (CoAS), Lt-Gen. Tukur Yusufu Buratai, in continuation of his operational visits to formations and units particularly those within the Area of Responsibility of Operation Lafiya Dole, yesterday visited troops of 21 Brigade at
Bama, Borno State. In his address to the troops, Buratai reminded
them of their mandate and deadline to clear the pockets of Boko Haram terrorists within
their area of responsibility before the end of December which he strongly believes is possible looking at their high spirit. He recalled that “the gallant troops librated Bama from the criminal Boko Haram terrorists on 16 March 2015”, and urged them to always
be alert. The highlight of the visit was on the spot promotion and decoration of two soldiers of
the Brigade by the COAS for their gallantry, dedication and loyalty from the rank of Lance Corporal to Corporal, an event that further
lifted the morale of not only the beneficiaries but the whole Brigade. The elevated soldiers
include Corporal Thomas Orim of 202 Battalion and Corporal Abubakar Usman of 150 Task Force Battalion. Buratai also visited other locations of the Brigade at Konduga, Awulari and Kwanar
Banki on the fringes of Sambisa Forest where he met troops in high spirit and enjoined them to continue to do their best in order to defeat the Boko Haram terrorists.

Author: NaijaRoko

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