A Video Captured A Couple Enjoying A Bath Until The Wife’s Hair Caught On Fire

Taking a bath with your mate by candlelight can be one of the most romantic gestures ever until someone’s hair catches on fire.

While in Cancun, Mexico a woman named “Shay” and her husband had candles surrounding their tub filled with rose petals.

The music was blaring and the love was in the air when all of a sudden, the woman’s hair caught on fire.

However, it took a moment for the couple to realize it.

Once they realized Shay’s hair was on fire, they frantically tried to put it out.

The moment was captured on video of Shay jumping out of the tub and dunking her hair under water. Moments later she was back in the tub pulling out strands of burnt hair.

I’m sure this is a moment that the two will not forget.



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