We’ve all seen those “single and hot” ads in your area, and although they do not fall so easy, they have a vague idea of ​​how such ads work … but has anyone clicked to see what happens?

It turns out that in the middle of 2017 there are still people who can not resist finding single and hot girls who are in their remote location. And some Reddit users report what happened once they opened the link:

1. A fairly inexpensive lesson

“I was an 18-year-old boy who had just moved to a new city to attend college, so I did not know anyone. For one of these ‘pop ups’ I came across a site that was somewhat cheap, a subscription for $ 3 a month. I signed up for the free account, so I could receive some messages but, in order to respond, I needed to pay a membership.

I paid $ 10 on a prepaid Visa card, so if it was a scam, it would only be $ 10. The first month with the account I had no messages. The day my account expired, out of nowhere I got 7 messages from different girls that were very out of my reach if they were real.

I am stupid, but not so much, so I closed the account. It only took me 3 dollars to learn that those sites are rubbish, a pretty cheap lesson. ”

2. Solidarity between men

“I was pretty bored when I was 18. I stumbled upon the usual propaganda of funny girls in my area and I clicked, thinking I had protection against fraud. The website took my card information, which it introduced to online buying and selling sites, and immediately began accumulating random charges for gift cards and premium account services.

“I called the bank’s customer service line a little nervous, because I was sorry they knew I was paying for adult services and I felt uncomfortable talking about it. The guy at the bank sympathized and immediately understood everything, so he said: ‘did you lose your card at the mall? I’m sorry to hear that, I’ll cancel all charges and get you a new card. ‘ I never mentioned a lost card or the mall. ”

3. It’s easy to swindle teenagers

“A few years ago a teenager (about 16 years old) knocked on my door and told me that he was looking for a girl he met through a stupid dating portal for adults, since she had provided this address to meet him. I told him that I was living alone (I am a man of 28 years) and that all the women who had been here since I moved were certainly not adult site outings.

“The boy was desperate and inflexible, and he sweated a lot, so I invited him to come in, sit down and have a glass of water. I asked him how much he had paid for that service and grieved told me $ 750. I asked him how he had managed to get such an amount, and nervously replied: ‘from my mother’s card’.

“So, after a little talk, I convinced him to call his parents to pick him up at my house and I would help him as a mediator. We all agreed to report this to the police, since my address was being used for fraud, while his mom blocked the card and reported misuse. The family invited me to dinner to keep their son quiet during the panic situation and, once the kid went to bed, we all laughed at the affair. ”

4. A free trial that became premium

“Once I clicked on one of those month-long ads for a dollar. I do not remember exactly what I remember, I thought I would get a lot of adult content for that amount. They ended up being $ 2, not for some weird charge, but because they charged it to my card twice. I gave no importance, I thought that $ 2 was not so much. I received a courier that said something like, ‘Thank you for subscribing to the test, click here to know our content’. Obviously, I clicked.

“Immediately I received another two mails, which warned me that 40 more dollars had been charged. At this point I did not even bother to inquire, I immediately closed everything and called customer service.

“I explained the situation to them, and the person who attended told me that it was because I agreed to a ‘premium area not included in the dollar test, and when I went to this area, I agreed to pay the full subscription’. I told them it was not so, so I asked for my money back, but they refused to do it. I told them that if they did not give me back my money, I would have the bank do it. Suddenly, and like magic, my money came back. ”

The two dollars I initially paid were not refunded to me, but thanks to them I learned that adult content distributors have very dirty ways of getting people money. ”

The moral is that there are no hot girls in your area, and if you do not want random charges to your cards, it would probably suit you more to try dating real girls.


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