Your intelligence level decreases as your time in the car increases.

If you live in a city where traffic is the order of the day, then you should think about moving close to your job. The reason? Scientists at the University of Leicester have discovered that driving for more than two hours a day lowers your intelligence.

The study participants showed that they had been affected in terms of their IQ, as it decreased in middle-aged people who drove long distances every day.

“We know that driving more than two or three hours a day is bad for your heart, although this research suggests that it is also bad for your brain. Maybe it’s because your mind is less active during that time, ” said Kishan Barkania, an epidemiologist at the University of Leicester.

This conclusion was obtained after analyzing the lifestyle of half a million people between 37 and 73 years old, who had to respond to exams of memory and intelligence.

The 93,000 people who drove for more than three hours a day tended to have lower brainpower at the beginning of the study, which also declined throughout the analysis and faster than those who rate than those who did little or no driving.

The surprise is that this does not just happen when driving, but other sedentary activities like watching television cause similar results.
” Driving causes stress and fatigue, which has a bearing on cognitive decline, ” Bakrania said.

So you know, if you want to avoid being stupid in the long run, consider moving to your office as soon as possible.


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