Netflix ends his professional relationship with Kevin Spacey and cancels his movie Gore

Netflix announced on Friday night that it would no longer work with actor Kevin Spacey – who has been accused of sexual assault of a minor and also members of the House of Cards series – and that it would cancel Gore , a film produced and starred by Spacey. The House of Cards producer, Media Rights Capital, reported the same day that it would suspend Spacey from the production of the series.

The releases leave the future of House of Cards , one of the most popular Netflix series, in the air. Media Rights Capital stated that it was working together with Netflix to find out how to move forward with the program, already in its fifth season. Netflix recently announced that the sixth season of House of Cards would be the last in the series.

The statements of Netflix and Media Rights Capital are the latest in the case of Spacey, which has been involved in a scandal. After actor Anthony Rapp said that Spacey sexually abused him when he was 14 years old, allegations of sexual assault by several other professionals who have worked with Spacey have come to light.

On Friday, CNN reported that Spacey had sexually harassed people from the House of Cards production team . Eight people who currently work or have worked on the series commented that the actor had created a “toxic” work environment that included non-consensual physical contact and vulgar comments. The people who suffered the harassment were typically young men, according to CNN.

Also this week, Media Rights Capital and Netflix revealed that a person involved in the production of the series had complained about Spacey five years ago. The complaint was related to “a comment and gesture made by Spacey”. To resolve the incident, the actor “participated in a training process”.

However, on Friday the production company said that new complaints from members of the production team about Spacey published in the media were worrisome.

“The creation and maintenance of a safe work environment for our actors and production teams has always been a very important priority (for us),” said Media Rights Capital. “We have always stressed that employees can report these incidents without fear of reprisal. We have investigated and taken appropriate action after any complaint. “



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