Former NASA worker invented water where no one can drown: You float just for sure! (Video)

The man who invented the floating water that prevents drowning.

Antonio Ibáñez de Alba, former NASA staff member and winner of the First International Prize at the Barcelona Fair for Technological Innovation, is also the inventor of a patent that generates pools with floating water, designed to prevent drowning.

His incredible invention is already in use in different pools around the world. Many of them are located in hotels, where they generate peace of mind for parents when it is time to let the little ones swim in the pools.
The special system , marketed by Astral Pool, does not contain salt and has a density thirty times that of normal water. It also contains a “secret” formula based on natural products, among which are conventional detergents or shampoos, which makes it harmless.

“I’ve always been very sensitive to the news I read in the newspapers about summer drownings. I could not help imagining a whole family shattered by a single minute of confusion, “Ibáñez de Alba told local reporters.

He also said “I spent 60,000 euros, which was all the money I had in the bank, in taking my invention to the fair, but I could not hire staff or hostesses, so when the jury asked me to prove its effectiveness I undressed there same and I threw myself to the pool in El Mundo.”

First, Antonio imagined a pool with moving floor and sensors to detect if a body had been left without movement for a long time. But it seemed complicated. So instead of thinking about the pool, Antonio redesigned the water itself.

Just as the Dead Sea water has so much salt that you can not sink because of its density, Antonio designed a kind of water that has no salt but is equally dense to prevent you from going deep.

He said that the water has an expiration of between two to five years and maintaining the water requires the same cost and attention that an ordinary pool requires.

Antonio now plans on other inventions that, according to him, would allow him to open the waters of a swimming pool.

The power of Moses at our hands.

It should be noted that for the World Health Organization (WHO) drownings “are a serious threat” that claims the lives of more than 360,000 people per year, worldwide.


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