Video: Woman takes off her shirt and rubs her br*#%ts on a man’s face in a shocking act of sexual harassment, but it’s not what you think

Astonished passersby on a downtown street in the city of Ribeirao Preto, southeast Brazil, watched when a young woman distributing leaflets pinned a man on the ground while accusing him of sexual harassment.

The video shows the moment in which the woman throws the supposed stalker to the ground and pins him down.

She screams that she is tired of being sexually harassed while she works. The alleged stalker begs her to stop and defends himself saying that he is shopping with his wife and that he has not done anything wrong. But the woman, whose identity is unknown, screams in a fit of anger: “I’m tired of being treated like a sexual object.”

Then, the young woman hits the alleged street stalker and then undresses and rubs her breasts on the man’s face while asking: “Are tits what you want?”. Some passers-by who witness the scene supported the woman and urge her to continue, while others are outraged by her and believe that she disrespecting women with her behavior.

However, although the scene could become real, according to DailyMail, it was organized by a theater band at the end of last year in order to denounce the harassment suffered by women in their day to day activities. Now, this video has come back to light in the midst of the growing scandal of sexual abuse in Hollywood.

Take a look below to see the video:


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