3 qualities that make you an alpha male

You’ve probably heard of the alpha male, the one who leads any situation he finds himself, precisely because his attitudes tell him he can do it.

The alpha male is naturally more attractive to the opposite sex and therefore more likely to succeed in wooing any woman.

But it’s not easy being an alpha male. This demands a lot from you, mainly because to be one, you must live what you preach. Now look at three indispensable qualities that make you an alpha male – and that can help you woo the most beautiful women at all times.

He differs from the rest

In an intolerant and often uncharacteristic world, the alpha male stands out for being a person without prejudice, active in social matters, culturally qualified and loyal to his principles. That is: if you want to be an alpha male you should leave homophobia, class and color bias, machismo and other characteristics that are worldwide unacceptable behind you.

Be emotionally independent

An alpha male values the women with whom he relates but is quite sure that all relationships may or may not work – hence he gradually becomes independent of his emotions. At the time of wooing, the alpha male takes the possible rejections as learning and tries to improve his approach with time. At the end of a relationship, he grieves, but not to the point of seeing his life leave the rails because of a woman. He is also able to separate sex from love, pleasure work, leisure from obligation – and thus becomes much more organized in all parts of life.

This is why alpha males are attracted to independent women who control their emotions and have a life beyond any relationship or career. Women who care about you are the prime targets of this type of man, just because he learns to care for himself as well.

Do not walk sloppy

The alpha male who prides himself does not only wear a suit and tie, but knows the exact time to wear casuals. He is always perfumed according to the environment, he keeps nails, hair and beard well groomed.

Yes: being vain is one of the characteristics of this type of male that can be noticed more as an attitude, since men are afraid of being branded as a “little woman” or “metrosexual” when they care about their appearance. Already, the alpha male is so sure of his masculinity that he does not let those silly prejudices get in his way – and, being smarter, always ready to attract women on any occasion.

If you already enjoy these three qualities, here’s the good news: your path to becoming an alpha male is already being paved. From now on just keep an eye on your little everyday behaviors and notice when you start to differentiate yourself from your “competition.” Being an alpha male is sure to get you closer to the more interesting women.


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