A Twitter user found a failure in the social network and posted a tweet of more than 35,000 characters

Twitter recently increased the limit of characters per tweet from 140 to 280, changing for the first time the most sacred rule of the social network. However, a couple of users have managed to bypass this limit to post a message with no less than 35,000 characters.

The users Timrasett and HackneyYT devised a system to circumvent the maximum limit of characters of the social network, taking advantage of a failure in their system to cut web links. This, with the intention of demonstrating “how easy it is to make fun of Twitter”, since it has only been necessary to publish a tweet to bypass the most important rule of the platform.

Part of the tweet of @Timrasett (via Archive) .

In the tweet (now deleted) we can find a link of type “.cc /” that have been used to deceive the system. Of course, Twitter expressed its anger by suspended the account of both users temporarily for some hours. When the account got activated again, Timrasett tweeted:

“Hello! Sorry for the crashes [from Twitter]. We just wanted to show that Twitter easy to make Twitter crack. ”

The users have not explained exactly how they did it, but it seems that they have found a failure or an exception in the system that trims the links.


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