Church Shooting: At least 27 people killed in a shootout in San Antonio, Texas

At least 27 people have been killed and another 24 have been injured during a gun battle in a Texas church led by a person who has also died in the attack, and which has left dozens injured, according to local authorities.

The incident has occurred in a Baptist church in Sutherland Springs, 45 kilometers southeast of San Antonio, Texas, where authorities have deployed a strong police device, which includes the presence of FBI agents.

Wilson County Commissioner Albert Gamez told MSNBC television that the death toll amounted to 27 people and that there were at least 24 people injured.

The local police reported that the perpetrator of the shooting was killed, according to the local channel KSAT12 that has not specified the causes of that death.

For his part, a policeman told Fox News that there is no longer an “active threat” in the temple, that at the time of the event a mass was celebrated.

A witness told KSAT12 that around 11:30 local time an armed man entered the church and opened fire on those in the temple.

Another witness, a cashier at a gas station near the Baptist temple, told CNN that he heard about 20 shots “in rapid succession while a religious service was being performed.”

Soon after, Texas Governor Greg Abbott wrote a message on his Twitter account condemning the attack.

“Our prayers are with all those who were harmed by this evil act, and our thanks to the authorities for their response,” the governor said.

More detail soon…


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