Now it’s official: Ferrari will have a SUV

Ferrari is already planning the launch of a “FUV” (Ferrari Utility Vehicle), a four-door four-seater that will inaugurate a new beginning for the Cavallino brand.

Few weeks ago, it began as a rumor and we were not entirely convinced about its truthfulness, but now the Italian brand has officially confirmed: Ferrari will manufacture an SUV .

The confirmation came from Sergio Marchionne. Yes, the same Marchionne who said ‘for Ferrari to launch an SUV someone had to shoot him first.’ Now the manager has said in an interview that Ferrari will have a model with 4 doors and 4 seats.

Ferrari’s top boss named this new model the “Ferrari Utility Vehicle ,” a vehicle that will keep intact Ferrari’s DNA, but possibly add some characteristics of an off-road vehicles, such as the elevated driving position , in addition to sufficient space for passengers and their luggage.

Although it is still early to know what the exterior looks like, you will not have to expect anything “normal” in terms of design , meaning that the car will not necessarily carry the traditional signs of SUVs.

As a good Ferrari will be luxurious, exotic and fast and its price will only be within reach of a few. As for its mechanics, probably the new model adopts the V8 engine of the Ferrari Portofino, although it is not necessary to discard a V12.

Of course this novelty will not be well received by some enthusiasts of the Italian brand, but from the commercial point of view, it makes a lot of sense, since it could become the best-selling model of Ferrari, with which they can reach the desired goal of 10,000 units produced per year.

A Porsche recipe has worked very well with the Cayenne and later with the Macan and even Lamborghini is heading in the same direction with Uru s and an unprecedented four – door sedan, while Aston Martin does the same with the DBX.


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