These are the safest cities on the planet to live in

What is a safe city? We usually think of a crime-free city, but that’s not the only factor.

According to Financial Times, other factors like digital security, personal security, infrastructure and health security are considered in determining a city’s safety.

This study considered all that to make 2017 list of safest cities in the world.

The report is the work of the Financial Times intelligence unit, which once a year publishes its Safe Cities Index, a list of 60 cities from the most to the least secure.

In order to elaborate the index, 49 indicators have been examined and the risk of terrorist attacks and security for people of different gender has even been weighed. Here is the complete list from the most to the least secure:

Asian cities top the ranks, with Tokyo, Singapore and Osaka leading the way. They are followed by Canadian and European capitals. Madrid and Barcelona are in positions 12 and 13 of the list, and you have to go down until the 15 to find the first American: San Francisco.

The lasts cities on of the list are from the Asian and Middle Eastern part of the world. Quito and Caracas continue to stand out as the most insecure capital cities in the South American continent. On the Financial Times website you can find the complete study with more data. [via Financial Times]


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