This fake WhatsApp app for Android is so convincing that it has already been downloaded a million times

If you are looking for Whatsapp in the Google application store, not only the popular messaging application appears. There are also imitations that install adverts or malware in the system. They are usually easy to detect, but there is a compelling new case that has exceeded one million downloads.

The application is called Update WhatsApp Messenger, with developer name as ‘WhatsApp Inc*’. When IANS checked it on the Play Store, we found the app has been downloaded up to 5,000 times. There is another version under the same name which has a million downloads.

The original WhatsApp has 1 billion downloads.

To be sure that you are not downloading the malicious version of Facebook-owned WhatsApp, go through the app’s comment section. The fake WhatsApp already has several users complaining about it in the comments section.

After the relevant complaints, the application has been removed from Google Play, but it is advisable not to lower your guard because it will probably not be long before someone uploads another fake WhatsApp on Google Play to try to catch clueless users.


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