7 simple attitudes that women find irresistible in men

Have you stopped to think about what separates the “mere mortals” from those men who are irresistible to women?

Every single guy has wondered, at least once, why some men can do so well in the game of dating while most suffer to get a simple encounter.

Therefore, I have made a list of 7 simple attitudes that women consider indispensable in a man:

1. Have a sense of humor.

Women love men who make them laugh. Scientists have found that women consider funny men smarter. For this reason, a more relaxed attitude while dating is indispensable.

2. Be mature.

Women prefer mature men. Maybe that’s why they end up marrying men on average 3 to 5 years older than them. But remember that this is not just about your biological age, but about your behavior.

3. Use a good perfume.

There is something very simple that can help in attracting girls, and yet, many men leave in the background. Women pay close attention to detail. Your smell makes a difference. Invest in a good perfume, preferably imported ones. It may even cost more, but it will help you stand out in the crowd.

4. Be a gentleman.

It is wrong to think that chivalry is an outdated thing. Women like to feel safe and secure. She wants to feel that the man cares for her and that he has good manners. Be more of a gentleman. You should, for example, open the door and let the lady go in first or offer her the best seat on the table.

5. Take care of your body.

We all know that girls do not care as much about physiques as men do. Still, this should not be an excuse not to take care of the body. Doing physical activity and being in good shape is something that not only helps in your appearance. You will also become more confident when you change the beer belly through a defined abdomen. Worth the investment.

6. Learn to wait.

Wooing is done with patience, not with insistence. Learn to see things in the long run. In your first meetings with the girl, you should not be in a hurry. If she says “no”, withdraw, with complete tranquility so it doesn’t seems like you’re desperate. And this, my friend, is the worst that can happen!

7. Be determined.

Man must know what he wants. This demonstrates confidence and gives security to the woman. A simple example. You arrive at a bar and have dozens of drinking options you do not know which drink to order. Try to make your choice as quickly as possible. You may not even get the best drink, but you will make it clear that you are a man who knows what he wants.


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