P. Diddy has changed his name again

American singer P. Diddy has changed his artistic name once again, in what has become a kind of tradition in his life.

The news was announced by the singer himself on his Twitter account, where he explained through a video that, on the occasion of turning 48, he was changing his name again. “I know it’s a risk, I know it can be taken as something ridiculous,” he says before revealing that his new name is: ” Love , aka Brother Love, ” which means ” Love , aka Brother Love .”

The singer whose real name is Sean John Combs and has used the names P. Diddy , Puff Daddy , Niddy , Faun John and Puffy, indicated that it seems natural to assume a new name because “I’m not who I was before, I’m someone different ”

In the tweet the “Been Around the World” singer appeared with a white shirt, cream hat and sunglasses against the dark sun. Obviously he is very happy to reach a new year in life.


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