This is the incredible reason why you should NEVER wash your jeans

Have you ever been told that you should not wash your jeans often? Today, more than ever this advice makes sense, thanks to the statement from the CEO of one of the most recognized companies in the denim industry.

During the Brainstorm Green sustainability forum held some years ago, the director of Levi’s, Chip Bergh, impacted everyone with his statement: “These are some of my favorite cowboys [jeans]. I have had them for about a year and they have not seen the washing machine yet. I know it sounds disgusting, but believe me, it can be done. ”

But what is the reason? The popular site Smoda asked several experts who said that the fabric with which the jeans are made improves only with the continuous use and the passage of time. Which means that your favorite denim jeans will manage to “mold” perfectly to your body as long as you don’t wash them.

Putting them in the washing machine “interrupts” this process, so it’s better to avoid it. And if you’re already wondering what to do so they do not smell bad, we also have the solution: the freezer! How? Put your jeans in the freezer, the temperature also helps kill bacteria.

A Canadian research with some Canadian students revealed that the level of bacteria found in jeans of two weeks is the same as that of one used for more than a year and a half without washing. So, do you dare not wash them to get the perfect pair?


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