Snapchat finally recognizes that your app is too difficult to use and will change its design

Snapchat is working on a complete redesign of the interface of its mobile application with the intention of attracting more users, the company announced. After years of listening to complaints, they say they will make your app much easier to understand.

This was announced by the company’s executive director, Evan Spiegel, after publishing the financial results for the last quarter. In general, the social network continues to grow in terms of users, but at such a slow pace that it worries them: “We are growing much slower than we would like,” he said, and that is a problem they plan to solve by renewing how the platform.

Snapchat only obtained about 4.5 million active users daily during the last three months, thus achieving a total of 178 million active users. To compare, Instagram has 800 million users, of which it added 100 million during the last six months.

The solution, for Snapchat, is to make the app more attractive to new users:

“We are redesigning our application to make it much easier to use. […] One of the things we’ve heard the most over the years is that Snapchat is hard to understand and use. ”

Many people have run out of Snapchat after installing their app for not understanding how it is used (I personally had a hard time understanding it). The idea of the social network is to simplify its operation and make a more friendly interface so as not to lose users. Although for some the Snapchat interface is the most important and unique thing of the app, while Facebook continues to copy its functions the only thing that matters to them is growing in active users.


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