Bodyguard threatens to sue Mariah Carey for sexual harassment

Michael Anello – former Mariah Carey’s security chief – threatens the pop singer with filing legal actions against her, claiming that the singer owes him money for his services. He also reported that she harassed him sexually , according to a TMZ report .

Anello said that during a trip to Cabo San Lucas, the 48-year-old American artist asked him to go to her room to help her with a luggage and when he arrived there, she appeared in an open transparent gown . He says he tried to leave the place, but she insisted that he stays. Finally, he said, he managed to escape without having physical contact.

The aforementioned media claims to have seen a draft of the lawsuit prepared by Anello’s lawyer. However, the lawyer indicated that the litigation is suspended so that this conflict can be resolved between the parties in private and avoid having to go to court.

The bodyguard said that the famous singer of “All I Want for Christmas Is You” called him “Nazi” and that she has an outstanding debt with his company for more than USD 200 thousand.

Reports indicated that the company worked for Carey from June 2015 until May of this year and she yet an amount of USD 221. 229 .

In as much, the lawyers of the star of the international music indicated that in the negotiations Anello said not to be satisfied with the offered amount and demands more money.


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