Facebook implements an option to prevent someone from sharing your nudity on Messenger or Instagram

Apart from internet crimes in more and more countries , the revenge porn is a “rogue”. Luckily, the machines can help you avoid having it happen to you. If you are worried that an ex-partner or any other person will share your nudes without permission, send the photos to Facebook in a preventive manner so that it does not happen.

Not seriously.

Facebook is working with the Australian government on a pilot program that aims to prevent revenge porn within the platform. In Australia, one in five women aged between 18 and 45 are victims of this type of abuse, and we can only imagine how many more fear that something like this could happen to them.

The initiative is designed for them: people who once shared explicit photos or videos in a consensual manner and now fear seeing the images on a Facebook or Instagram wall. How does it work? That is the tricky part. It is the users themselves who have to send themselves the images through Facebook Messenger and then report that they have been published “without consent or maliciously.”

Facebook says that it is an automatic process and that it does not store any nude. An algorithm keeps the digital signature of the photo or video and prevents any other person from uploading the same image to Facebook, Messenger or Instagram, both in public and in private. It is not perfect, it will not rid you of your fears, but it is … something.

As we said, the pilot program is taking place in Australia. Soon it will also be tested in the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.



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