New from the creators of Pokémon Go is a Harry Potter game in augmented reality

Pokémon Go became a gigantic success almost immediately after its release in mid-2016. Now, Niantic plans to repeat the story with a game based on another popular franchise: Harry Potter .

The company behind Pokémon Go is working on an augmented reality game based on the Harry Potter universe. His name is Wizards Unite and it will hit the market sometime in 2018. This time the company will not work with The Pokémon Company but with Warner Bros, owner of the rights of the famous universe of magicians.

It is still not known exactly how the game will be, but according to TechCrunch the title will invite players to travel the real world to get powers, skills and improvements, as well as defend areas and face rivals (both virtual and other players), at best Gym style of Pokémon Go . Largely Wizards Unite will be inspired by Ingress , another of the Niantic games.

The fact that there is a “magical” world hidden in the real, and only wizards can see it, is something that already mentions the Harry Potter universe , so the idea of bringing it to reality through an augmented reality app is wonderful.


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