Signs to know she enjoyed having sex with you

A man in bed with a woman is always worried about whether he is performing his role satisfactorily, giving his partner enough pleasure.

Men feel sexually accomplished in bed not when they enjoyed it, but when they make their partner reach orgasm. When she reaches orgasm, it means that he has achieved his goal of generating maximum sexual satisfaction in the woman and this is good for his ego.

For most men, a woman enjoyed sex if she reached orgasm and many men struggle not to ejaculate until the woman has reached orgasm. The question is: How to know if the woman is there already?

There are women who do not show signs directly and, to make matters worse, men are usually less observant during sex.

Men have this habit of warning when they are about to cum, but women do not. So, after ejaculation, how do you know if the woman enjoyed it? By the groan? In certain cases it seems to be tricky to notice this, especially if the woman pretend to enjoy it.

See the clues below on how to know if the woman enjoyed sex as much as you did.

Do not press

Do not ask her if she enjoyed it during or after sex. This creates a certain level of pressure, as if she were forced to enjoy it, and this can even make her pretend only to make you happy, which for her will be terrible and consequently for you if you realize that she was faking it.

Women do not always enjoy sex as often as men, who 90% of times ejaculate. So if she doesn’t enjoy it one time or another, that’s fine, it’s not the end of the world, know that it does not make you any less of a man. The woman may not enjoy sex due to other factors such as personal problems, dispersion, tension and this is not always your fault. If she just can not relax or is not very keen, she will hardly reach orgasm. So if you want her to enjoy it, the first thing you should do is to make her as comfortable as possible by not pushing it.

Signs in the vagina

There are certain perfect vaginal signs to know how the woman enjoyed herself. If her vagina gets wet, the clitoris swells more than usual and vaginal contraction occurs, then, she definitely enjoyed it. You can check this easily after sex discreetly or feel her wet vagina more than in lubrications (in the case of a sex without a condom).

In sex with a condoms, when you remove your penis from inside her, if a liquid runs out, then it is a sign that she enjoyed it, otherwise, unfortunately the condom has burst and it is your joy that has spread where it should not.

Touch Sensitivity

Another very effective way to know whether a woman has enjoyed it is by touching her vagina or her breasts after sex. She will possibly ask you to stop, because she is already ultra sensitive and exhausted. Many men doing oral sex continue to suck the woman after she “apparently” has enjoyed it, if she asks you to stop it is probably because she really enjoyed it.

Attention and affection

One of the ways of identifying if she has come is to see how she acts after sex. If she’s all smiles, as if she’s the happiest woman in the world, that means she enjoyed it, otherwise if she stays aloof or acts indifferently it’s quite possible that you have not been able to satisfy her sexually..

Take note, during a good sex, she loses most of her energy. So, if she has reached the climax, she will need a few minutes to recover. If she just finished, stretched out in bed and exhausted, you sure made her cum beautifully. Now, if she just jumps out of bed to do other things, bad signal.


Some men can identify whether or not a woman has moaned. If they are very intense and, mainly, panting, this is a sign of orgasm. Obviously the woman can fake this, but if the man is observant, he’ll probably know if she’s being natural or faking it. If the screams are too much and she gets too many faces and mouths as if she’s imitating a porn star, that sounds pretty fake.

Color and temperature

This tip is not a rule, but most women, especially Caucasian women, may have a red body, especially on the cheekbones and on the lap. In addition, they all tend to get their bodies warmer, as if they were going to explode so hard. After sex, the body still takes a while to cool down and the skin color returns to normal. Some women’s voices may also change after sex, becoming sweeter, softer, or cranky with tiredness.

Spontaneous smiles

If after sex the woman feels completely relaxed, calm and smiling at random, you can believe she enjoyed it. When the woman enjoyed sex, she is ecstatic, numbed by the sensations she felt, as if she were under the effects of some hallucinogenic drug and this effect may take a while to pass.

Sleeps almost immediately

If after sex you get a time together and soon she gets sleepy and bonnet like a baby, it means that either she was already exhausted before sex or she enjoyed it. While enjoying sex, the woman loses her stock of energy, just like the man. The tiredness usually beats and generates a gentleman’s sleep, causing her to sleep like stone and quietly all night. When they say sex is good for health, it improves sleep and skin, believe me! Watching your partner is the best way to identify these benefits.



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