The next Apple iPad arrives in 2018 without a start button and with Face ID

The iPhone X was just the beginning. Apple plans to completely get rid of the start button on all its devices, and the iPad is the beginning. New leaks ensure that the next generation of the Apple tablet will forget Touch ID and replace it with the new Face ID facial recognition system .

From Bloomberg report that the next iPad will have a screen “similar” to the iPad Pro 10.5 “, but in a different body.It is quite possible that the design follow in the footsteps of the new iPhone X , which has a screen It occupies practically the entire front of the device, on the new iPad the frames would disappear

This, in turn, means that the start button disappears and the iPad interface will be based on gestures (again, just like on the iPhone X). What is unlikely is that the new iPad has an OLED screen because it could raise the price of the device too much. In any case, the disappearance of Touch ID on the iPad would only reaffirm that, for Apple, Face ID is the future (and the present).

According to the report and the leaks, it is expected that the new generation of the iPad will arrive at the end of 2018, so you have time to recover from the expense you made when buying the iPhone X and start saving.


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