Want to leave your woman excited? Clean the house

When you have intentions to do something different with your partner, you probably open a bottle of wine, light some candles and use all your charm. This can be sexy and everything else, but it seems like sweeping the house or doing the dishes often will have the same effect on her.

This is the main finding of a new survey commissioned by LG that found that women and men were really excited when their partner did household chores. The results of the survey, which interviewed 1,000 Americans over the age of 18, are somewhat impressive and can completely revolutionize the way you try to make your woman happier, including in bed.

According to the survey, most Americans get excited when their partner does household chores.

Nearly 40 percent of men said they would prefer their wives to send a picture of them cleaning the house to a photo of them posing in a bathing suit, and 55 percent of the women said the same.

Almost half the people who live with their partners said they would rather be free of household chores for a month than an expensive gift, so if you really want to make them happy, the cost may be lower than you think, being only a little of physical effort on your part.

Also, 17% of people prefer their partner to do household chores after a fight to an apology. And the same percentage of people believe that not doing household chores is a reason for many other fights.

If you’re single, this still applies to you: Nearly 60% of people surveyed said that if they believe a person is good at household chores, they find it more likely that he or she will be good in bed. Apparently bragging about their skills at home and their entire organization and cleanliness can yield more points than having a good car in the garage.


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