An incestuous mother married her daughter after a failed marriage with her son

Patricia and Misty Spann were arrested for illegal marriage, which at first had gone unnoticed by the authorities. Then it was canceled.

Mother and daughter, after getting married

The conditions in which she raised them were so poor that Patricia Spann lost custody of her three children when they were still young . When they grew and reached adulthood, she gained custody over them.

The first victim was her only son. After establishing contact with him, she managed to seduce him and they started an incestuous relationship. In 2008 she convinced him to marry her in Comanche, Oklahoma.

For some reasons, the marriage ended 15 months later and the young man told the world that the marriages was incestuous and finally left his mother.

Spann, who today is 44 year old, went for her daughter. In 2014 she began to frequent her daughter, Misty’s home who was then 23 years old.

Misty was raised by her grandmother when the mother lost custody of all three of them. Soon, they began a loving bond.

They got married in March of last year, in Stephens, Georgia. She managed to trick the authorities because she was no longer listed as a parent on her daughter’s birth certificate.

An investigation by the Child Protection Agency detected the irregularity months ago and filed a complaint against mother and daughter. Both were arrested, and the marriage was annulled on October 12 .

Misty confessed to the crime of incest and was sentenced Tuesday to 10 years in prison . Her mother who is from Oklahoma was also charged with incest in the case and is set to appear in court in January.


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