Germany will have the world’s largest electrical charging station

The complex will have 144 recharging points and could serve up to 4,000 cars per day.


Germany will have the world’s largest electrical charging station in 2018. The Innovations Park, Zusmarshausen can recharge up to 4,000 cars per day. The electric park will be inaugurated in 2018, when the work should be ready.

The idea is to build a kind of shopping center next to the station. On-site users will be able to shop while waiting for their cars to be recharged. Charging for energy and equipment usage must be managed by a mobile application.

There will be 144 recharging points, 24 of which are quick-charging, which can give full vehicle autonomy within 10 minutes. The energy available to recharge the cars will come from renewable sources.

The country is set invest 300 million euros in the construction of an electric car charging infrastructure in the next three years. The rigging of German roads will be crucial as part of the country’s plans to ban the sale of fossil fuel cars such as gasoline and diesel as early as 2030.

The plan is ambitious, as today only 0.73% of the German fleet is made up of electric cars. The number is well below countries like Norway and Sweden.

At least, the world’s fleet is galloping. By 2016, it has already been 60% higher than 2015 and the trend is higher in the coming years.


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