The moment a policeman shoots an actor in a shoot thinking he was a real criminal

Filming can be dangerous. Many of their sequences need professionals to handle. However, what usually does not happen is that during a shoot a policeman confuses an actor with a criminal. Even less, the cop end up firing.

The scene that we see below is completely real, in fact, was raised by the Indiana Police. The agents received a call from 911 where a possible robbery was reported. There was talk of a masked guy with a pistol coming into the back of a building.

When the officers arrived, they saw an effectively masked man emerging from the back door of a restaurant with what appeared to be a pistol. The officers ordered him to drop it and in an act of reflection, one of the officers shoots at the man, although fortunately the bullet hits the building.

In the video we can hear how the guy tells the police what is really going on: ‘this is a movie, we are doing a movie.’

The “masked” man was an actor, Jeff Duff, who was lucky enough that the bullet didn’t hit him. Shortly thereafter, Kodi Swank, co-owner of the production company Montgomery County, was filing a statement stating:

We have a lesson to learn from both sides of the spectrum, we as a low budget film company, and the police department in its rapid reaction. We are very grateful that the police department has done its job as well as possible under an unknown situation.

By the way, the shooting is being investigated by Indiana state police.


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