A Google Maps error sends tourists looking for the Blue Mountains of Australia to a dead end

This is not the first time this is happening, although in this case the error had led the inhabitants of a quiet street in a neighborhood of New South Wales to take action.

For a time, hundreds of tourists were arriving on road hoping to find the iconic Blue Mountains of Australia.

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When we speak of the Blue Mountains, we refer to the mountainous region composed of a sandstone plateau and ruled by Mount Werong, the highest peak of the area at 1,215 meters.

The problem is that, when hundreds of tourists tried to get through the Google map application, it sent them to a dead end in a neighborhood called Dargan.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, residents had so many accidental visits that they decided to put a big sign that reads: “The Blue Mountains are not here (Google Maps is wrong). You have to go to Katoomba or Blackheath.”

Finally, Google has corrected the error after several complaints.

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According to Gustaf Brusewitz, spokesperson for Google Australia: “The various types of data found in Google Maps come from a wide range of sources, including third-party providers, public sources, and user contributions.

“Overall, this provides a very comprehensive and up-to-date map experience, but we recognise that there may be occasional inaccuracies that could arise from any of those sources. In this instance, we didn’t get it quite right and we have now fixed it. We apologise for any inconvenience caused to local residents and visitors,” said Gustaf Brusewitz.

So finally, the Blue Mountains have now been put back where they belong, and searches for “Blue Mountains” will now be directed to the Blue Mountains National Park.


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