How I handle stubborn male fans -Regina Daniels

Nollywood teen actress Regina Daniels has told Nigeria’s entertainment platform, Inside Nollywood how she handles determined male fans.

The actress who turned 16 recently (according to Wikipedia) indirectly said that’s her real age, I know many guys will still not agree but let’s take it from her.

The light-skinned, pretty actress who someday dreams of starring alongside Hollywood’s diva, Angelina Jolie also said her mom has done a lot to help her with her acting career.

On her age she said: “I hear people have been saying that I’m up to 20 years. No, I’m not up to that at all. I just don’t like talking about my age. And there is no mystery behind the real age.

“However, when I marked my birthday weeks ago, Mummy Mercy Johnson wished me Happy 16th birthday, I think she is right,” she said with smiles.

On how she handles stubborn male fans, Ms Daniels said: “My mother suffered and made sure I got to this stage in life. So, she makes sure I’m always on the right track. Male fans, especially some stubborn ones, I don’t have problems with any of them. My mum helps me out in those aspects. My mother is like my shield.”


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