Panic in the air: an airplane makes an emergency landing without a nose gear

The episode occurred at the Belfast International Airport, UK on a flight to Inverness, with 52 passengers on board.

From the photographs taken by an eyewitness who posted on social media, it can be seen that the plane crash landed without nose gear with trunk touching the asphalt.

A spokesman explained that the plane, a Bombardier Q-400, was forced to make an emergency landing after detecting “technical failure” while covering a distance between the Belfast city airport and the Scot of Inverness.

Flight BE331 took off from the second airport in the Northern Ireland capital at 11:07 GMT today, but had to circle 3,800ft over the Irish Sea for almost two hours after experiencing a mechanical failure, until it received permission to land on the international runway.

A passenger was taken to the hospital after suffering a minor injury in the hand
“Our main concern has been the well-being of passengers and crew,” said a spokesman for the British airline Flybe.

The Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service (NIFRS) deployed its units at the airport, waiting for the plane to land without its front gear.

“The device landed safely and no NIFRS intervention was necessary on the ground,” the source said, adding that only one passenger was taken to the hospital after suffering a minor injury to his hand .


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