Sony started processing for brand registration of Siphon Filter

All players who enjoyed PlayStation at the end of the nineties remember fondly the Syphon Filter series , developed by Eidetic and then published by 989 Studios.

The game, whose protagonist was the agent Gabe Logan, knew how to open space in a time that had seen the success of GoldenEye for N64 and Metal Gear Solid for the first console of Sony. After many years in silence, the series could revive as Sony began the process to register the brand in Europe.

As mentioned, Siphon Filter was developed by Eidetic, a studio that was later renamed the Sony Interactive Entertainment Bend Studio (SIE Bend) and is currently working on the development of the zombie game and survival Days Gone . As the current SIE Bend project is coming to an end, many fans around the world wondered if the studio would work again on a new series for Siphon Filter . Apparently the requests have been heard and Sony applied to register the brand Siphon Filter in the European Union by registering 017446931 , made in the Intellectual Property Office of the economic zone.

The process has not finished, but the simple fact that Sony has taken an important step to register the brand Siphon Filter is enough to turn on the hype for the possible return of the series; same as could be given by a new game or some re-release or remastering of the original games available on PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PSP.


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