Penis size affects how attractive a man looks to a woman

It seems that after all size matters, but mostly outside the room.

For now, most of us are sick of hearing about the importance of penis size. ‘Size matters’, ‘bigger is better.’ Or ‘size does not matter, it’s what you do with it that matters (of course …).’ Well, the internet has come back to the subject, all due to a research that indicates that the size of the penis is important, but not for the reasons that we thought.

According to researchers at the Australian National University , the size of your penis has a tremendous influence on the way women find you attractive, out of the bedroom.

“We found that penis size actually influences a man’s sex appeal, being as important a factor as height, widely known to be very relevant in attracting a man to a woman,” said Professor Michael Jennions.

The study, conducted in 2013 but only now receiving attention , involved showing 105 women 53 different 3D models of naked men, projected on a full-sized wall. The women had only 3 seconds to classify the attractiveness of the models, with researchers varying body parts, not just the size of the penis. In the end, it seemed clear that penis size was a decisive factor in determining attractiveness.

At least, somehow, Jennions notes that the effect was clearer in tall men, and that having a ‘V’ shaped torso was important. But if you’re not average height or with good body type, do not expect your penis to save you.

“To be clear, if you’re short and pear-shaped, a large penis will not make you more attractive,” said co-author Dr Brian Mautz.

Of course, this all sounds crazy. What can the penis have to do with attractiveness if in 99% of situations it is hidden in your pants? Evolution. Mautz and Jennings believe their research verifies the theory that women have evolved to observe penis size as an indication of reproductive performance. The bigger your instrument, the better partner you will be.

Obviously, this is not a free hand to walk down the street shaking the material in the wind. But the next time you have to choose a pair of pants, choose the ones that give you less space.


When erect, the average size of a male penis is 12.7 cm.


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