“Popeye”: The young Russian bodybuilder criticized for injecting oil into his arms

Despite showing his body with pride in social media, the life of Kirill Tereshin is at risk due to the consequences of the use of Synthol.

The young 21-year-old bodybuilder, Kirill Tereshin , is a celebrity on Instagram where he has more than 29,000 followers, among whom a large majority criticizes him for his practices.

The native of Pyatigorsk, in Russia, has been posting photos of his biceps and triceps for almost a month , which increase day by day, as a result of Synthol injectable consumption , an oil that flies over in the bodybuilding environment.

“To reach a large size, you need to inject liters into your arms said,” the 21-year-old, who boasts a circumference that reaches 60 centimeters.

“When I was doing it, I had a fever, about 40 degrees, I was lying in bed, feeling like I was dying, but then everything got better,” explained Tereshin, about what happened each time he injected the liquid into his arms. A substance easy to find as it is not illegal , since it can be bought in many ways.

The product consists of 85% oil, 7.5% lidocaine and 7.5% alcohol. In bodybuilding competitions, it is used to polish the body of the competitor before going on stage.

However, some began to use it to enlarge the size of their muscles , despite the consequences ranging from lung problems, nerve damage to heart attacks.

The Russian, who proudly shows his arms on Instagram receives criticism assiduously on his page: “Should be sent to the psychiatric hospital to receive treatment” , “this is horrible and stupid” , “stop this boy, maybe it’s not too late” , are some of the comments seen in his page.

The reason why he is doing this was not stated anywhere in his social media page.


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