Sex with the lights off decreases your performance in bed

Do you want to have better sexual performance? Do it with the lights on

The reason could be more surprising than you think. Scientists at the University of Siena in Italy found that if men are exposed to environments clearly – as with sunlight – they increase their testosterone levels and can triple their sexual satisfaction, according to The Telegraph.

The idea of doing the research was based on the following question: why are birth rates higher in June than in the winter months in the northern hemisphere? In other words, if we’re cuddling so much in the winter, why are not we having more babies during those months?

The scientists took 38 men with low libidos and a half of them were exposed to morning doses of bright lights similar to sunlight for two weeks.

Before the experiment, the scientists rated men with a 2.0 / 10 from a sexual satisfaction point of view. But unbelievably, after the experiment, their sexual satisfaction increased to a firm 6.3 / 10 – an increase of more than triple. As for the men who did not get the light treatment, their sexual satisfaction was just at 2.7 / 10.

Similarly, those men who were exposed to light had an increase of 2.1 nanograms per milliliter of testosterone (ng / ml) to 3.6 ng / ml, while the control group saw no change in their 2.3 ng / ml . of testosterone.

Here is what the scientists said about this:

“The increase in testosterone levels explains the best reported sexual satisfaction,” Professor Fagiolini told The Telegraph. “In the northern hemisphere, the body’s natural testosterone production decreases from November to April, and then steadily increases throughout spring and summer, peaking in October . ”

Fagiolini suggests that light therapy can limit the pineal gland in the center of the brain, thus allowing the production of more testosterone.

It is still too early for doctors to start prescribing light therapy instead of drugs like Viagra, but it could be possible in a while.

Meanwhile, it would not hurt to get one of those extremely bright lamps to increase your happiness – and then have sex with that lamp on. It could be uncomfortable at first, but if it can make sex better, then what is the problem?


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