This YouTuber spent a month training as Batman to record this great fight

Being Batman means taking preparation seriously. To become the famous watchman, Bruce Wayne trained and traveled the world for years (and also spent an exaggerated amount of money). Taking this into account, a month of training is not the same, but it is a first step.

In fact, one month is exactly what YouTuber Michelle Khare dedicated. On her YouTube channel , the blogger and athlete (who often makes maneuverable fights and extreme training regimes for her videos) decided to take on one of the biggest challenges in homage to the premiere of the movie Justice League : train as Batman.

Her regime – guided by a Krav Maga instructor, a professional knife thrower and a stuntman who has played Batman in the Batman vs. Superman , Justice League and Suicide Squad – prepared her with what she needed to perform a fight scene worthy of Batman.

The video allows us to see what it would be like to adopt a superhero training regime in real life. Now that Khare has perfected how to disarm someone, she just needs to learn hundreds of other martial arts, forensic science, programming, how to make a shark repellent … Anyway, she could be training for a good while. It’s probably good that she stopped doing it after a month.

You can watch the video about Khare training below. Ends with a cool parody of superheroes.


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