7 signs that your sugar level is too high

Did you know that in 2015, an estimated 1.6 million deaths were directly caused by diabetes.

The number is scary: In 1980 the number of people with diabetes was 108 million and in 2014, it has risen to 422 million. Worst of all is that 43% of the world’s population with diabetes are undiagnosed. These are data provided by the WHO “Global report on diabetes”.

One of the main reasons people fail to address the problem is because the symptoms are very misleading. They tend to develop gradually, so you will not notice them until you are sick. And even if you notice that something is not right, the symptoms can be very vague, preventing relationships with diabetes.

That is why it is important to know what to look for. Here are seven unusual signs that your blood sugar level may be unbalanced. And take it seriously: if not treated, this disease can cause serious complications such as heart disease, kidney problems, damage to the nerves and loss of vision.

You Urinate A Lot

The increase in the number of times you go to the bathroom to urinate is an indication that your blood sugar is out of control. When you have too much glucose in your bloodstream, your kidneys try to work overtime to eliminate it through the urine. As a result, you end up urinating more than usual, even in the middle of the night.

You Are Too Thirsty

It is actually a fish that bites its tail. Urinating more often means getting rid of more water than usual, which puts you at risk of suffering from dehydration. This will make you feel thirsty and dry mouth even if you are taking the same amount of water as ever. Also, because you are taking more, you will also urinate more. (It is a vicious circle).

You Are Exhausted

Fatigue is a classic effect of dehydration. So if you are urinating more often and suffering from too much thirst, you may also feel tired, even if you sleep and wake up at the same time as always. Waking up several times at night (to go to the bathroom, for example) also interrupts your rest. As a result, you will sleep less than you think.

Blurry Vision

The macular is a small lens in the center of your eye, responsible for fine tuning the central vision. However, when your glucose levels are too high, fluid can seep into the lens and cause it to swell.

This can change the shape of the lens, which prevents it from focusing properly. When this happens, your vision may become blurred, even if you wear your glasses.

Blood In The Gums

The same sugar-loving bacteria that cause your wounds to heal can affect the gums. This can cause redness, swelling, and bleeding when you brush your teeth or floss. Normally, your body fights the germs that cause infections in your mouth. But a high sugar level, could make it a much more friendly place for bacteria and decrease the natural properties of your body to combat them.

Rare Spots On The Skin

Too high blood sugar levels can damage blood vessels, including those just below your skin. This damage can cause red or brown spots on the skin, especially in the legs. The spots regularly itch and may even become painful. Also, you may notice dark spots on the skin folds (particularly armpits, groin, or neck). Too much sugar in the blood can cause skin cells to reproduce faster than normal. The new cells have more pigment, which will cause blemishes. These probably do not hurt, but can cause itching or even bad odor.


If you feel too tired or thirsty for a day or two, nothing is likely to wrong. But if the symptoms prevails longer, or if they are accompanied by other symptoms, go to your doctor as soon as possible.

These are clear symptoms of diabetes and you should go to the doctor right away. Your doctor will perform blood tests to identify your blood sugar level. If it is too high, he may recommend a drug to handle it. However, changes in your lifestyle can make a difference. A healthy, vegetable-based diet can help treat pre-diabetes and diabetes.


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