#MeToo: Hundreds of women marched in Hollywood against sexual abuse

The march “#MeToo” was held after a series of accusations by men and women who said they were victims of sexual assault from high-powered figures in the entertainment industry.

Ada Kennedy, 7, observes her mother during the march against abuse in Hollywood (REUTERS / Lucy Nicholson)

Hundreds of people marched in the heart of Hollywood on Sunday to support victims of sexual assault and harassment , inspired by a social media campaign that portrayed such actions as widespread in American life.

(REUTERS / Lucy Nicholson)

The protesters maintained that they also represented men and women who had been sexually abused as children and in other situations.

Arlene Rios, 40, says she was sexually assaulted twice in the Navy (REUTERS / Lucy Nicholson)

(REUTERS / Lucy Nicholson)

“I’ve been sexually assaulted several times throughout my life,” said Tara McNamarra, 21, of Los Angeles, as she marched.” It has affected me in all aspects of my life .”

A woman wrote the names of all the men who harassed her in Hollywood (REUTERS / Lucy Nicholson)

The march started at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue and continued on the well-known “Walk of Fame” until arriving at the Los Angeles-based CNN news station at Sunset and Cahuenga boulevards.

(REUTERS / Lucy Nicholson)
Along the way, participants highlighted the stars of actors and producers accused of sexual harassment.

(REUTERS / Lucy Nicholson)

The accusations have inspired an online campaign, labeled #MeToo, that has encouraged men and women from all walks of life to reveal their own experiences of sexual harassment and assault , often years after they occurred.


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