He tries to escape hotel bill by crossing a telephone wire but got stuck between two cables

The man we see surprised many citizens on their way to work in Guizhou, China. People began filming the Chinese Spider-Man who had started what seemed like a feat: moving from one building to another over the phone cable. However, the guy was running away.

We never thought it necessary to say it, but if you ever want to flee a building, doing it from the 19th floor with only cables is a terrible mistake. Be that as it may, the intrepid customer was trying to escape the hotel bill. The man must have taught it very clearly, because he opened the window, hung on the cables and started the escape maneuver as Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible .

Unfortunately and as we can see in the clip, the guy did not take into account some variables, underestimating the difficulty of the adventure he had undertaken. In the video, he can be seen fighting against adversity, trying to maintain balance and even swinging his body on the cable.

Finally, the man was caught between two cables, hanging at a height not recommended for those who have vertigo. Then the firefighters arrived to rescue him and he was escorted by the police. All in all, he was quite lucky. Local media have said he was swinging very close to a high-voltage power lines, and that it was fortunate he didn’t come into contact with one.

We are left to doubt the amount that led the intrepid Spider-Man to flee from such a height.


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