She has had more than 200 surgeries to look like a caricature

She calls herself Pixee Fox and is a model of Swedish origin who lives in North Carolina, in the United States; She is 27 year old and has become famous for the more than 200 cosmetic surgeries that she has done.

Pixee has traveled all over the world and has spent more than half a million dollars on extreme surgeries.

For example, she had to travel to India to change the color of her eyes in a dangerous operation that is not done in Europe or America; She also went to Korea to change the shape of her jaw, a surgery that is usually done there at a much lower price.

She recently removed her ribs so her waist measured only 40 centimeters.

In several interviews she said that the surgeries are not for vanity but to look like a cartoon figure. In fact, she plans to launch a comic strip, starring her, in which she fights crime.

Before and after photo below:

In her Instagram account , Pixee calls herself “the living caricature” and shows her followers how much she works to achieve it, including surgeries, exercise routines and makeup:

#lasvegas #lasvegasstrong #omnianightclub

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