Things we do that are bad for our mental health

9 things you must stop doing to avoid harming your mental health.

The Use of Psychoactive Substances:

Less nicotine is used nowadays, but it’s still worth knowing that giving up smoking is better than taking any anti-depressants. On the other hand, alcohol is a depressant by itself and other drugs also have long-term effects on our mental health.

Spend a lot of time online and on social networks:

This creates illusions that are linked to high levels of depression. Too much time online to watch porn is particularly harmful; prevents normal relationships from forming and having good relationships is good for our mental health.

Spending a lot of time sitting at a desk :

Short time between nature is associated with high levels of depression. Diet is a problem related to spending a lot of time sitting, since it is easy to acquire unhealthy eating habits.


Men are becoming more aware that they need to look good and perform well. Expectations that are too high may result in even greater falls. This is bad for mental health.

Believing that what we buy can “fix” us:

We are convinced that we are what we buy. You are not what you have. It’s your relationships that define you.

Instant Gratification:

It’s the opposite – postponing gratification is good for us. Learning to wait is a virtue that results in a strong mind.

Excessive Stimulus:

Spending too much time in noisy places and getting too stimulated may seem like excitement, but to the brain is more of an addition and we need silence and time to reflect.

The X Factor Effect:

Focusing on one thing in life is not beneficial. In life we must have several goals not to break if something fails. We must devote ourselves to various areas and meet different people.

Do not Communicate:

Talking about what we feel is very important to our mental health. It is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength and can solve a lot in your head and in your life.


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