The fastest knockout in history in a title fight: he beat his opponent in 11 seconds

South African Zolani Tete retained the rooster category belt by sending Sibonsio Gonya to the canvas in one swoop

The South African boxer Zolani Tete set a new record on Saturday night in Belfast as the fastest KO in history. A fight for a world title, achieved after just 11 seconds.

The 29-year-old just needed a right hook to knock down fellow countryman Siboniso Gonya and keep his bantamweight title from the World Boxing Organization (WBO).

The world champion sent his opponent to the canvas after just five seconds of combat , and the referee finished the fight six seconds later, when it became clear that Gonya was totally knocked out.

It took several minutes to resuscitate the KwaZulu-Natal native , who finally recovered under the watchful eye of his rival at The SSE Arena in Belfast.

Tete thus surpassed the previous KO faster in a bout for a title, which featured the super bantamweight champion Daniel Jimenez , who knocked out Harald Geier in 17 seconds in 1994.

“I prepared myself so much for this fight ,” the South African told the TV channel BoxNation. “I knew that Gonya was not going to take it,” he said.

With the victory, the champion of the rooster category accumulates 26 wins, of which 21 were by knockout , and three defeats.


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