An Italian stylist completely covered her car with human hair

“I put shampoo, brush it and cut it,” she said of his hairy vehicle.

An Italian hairdresser came up with what might be the strangest car, but it’s definitely the hairiest.

Even Guinness World Records says so.

Maria Lucia Mugno of Salerno spent more than 150 hours covering her Fiat 500 with almost 120 kilos of human hair from India.

“My inspiration came from a challenge, a bet, while I was working,” she told Barcroft TV. “My friend did not think I was able to completely cover it with real hair, and when she saw my completed artwork, she was completely shocked by what I had done.”

Mugno’s car can be hairy, but still street worthy because it did not cover the engine in hair.

“This would have created a fire risk,” she said.

Mugno admits that people do not know how to react when they see her driving down the street.

“When they realize that it is hair, it disgusts them,” she said, adding that she still takes care of the hair as if it were on a person.

“I put shampoo, brush it and cut it, it’s a systematic operation,” she said.


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