Lagos to get 24/7 power supply in 2018 – Ambode

The Lagos state government has said it is almost set to deliver constant electricity to its region come 2018.

The Lagos state governor Mr Akinwunmi Ambode who made this known at a recent interactive session with members of the business community and informal sector, in a statement by the governor’ s Chief Press Secretary , Habib Haruna, said on Sunday.

The governor revealed that the only challenge the state was currently facing has to do with power generation, transmission and distribution.

Ambode stressed that transmission of electricity is mainly owned by the Federal Government and added that the state have become creative and have been able to generate 47.5MW through Independent Power Project.

His statement in part reads:

“ Presently , we have less than 1 , 000 MW in Lagos and the fundamental issues remain with generation , transmission and distribution. Transmission is still owned primarily by the Federal Government . But in Lagos State , we have become creative and we have done Independent Power Project through which we were able to generate 47. 5 MW which was distributed short – circuiting transmission .

“ So , if it works , does it look like a template we can now use to get power freedom or what we call power security ? If we say we are the fifth largest economy in Africa and we are not in control of how power is generated in an economy that wants to move from fifth to third , then something is wrong .

“ So , what we are saying is, let’ s find a way to short – circuit them within the ambit of the law, ” the governor was quoted as saying .
Ambode noted that the state government was also talking with electricity distribution companies operating in the state to supply 24/ 7 power to residents at a higher tariff, subject to agreement of all stakeholders , while government would be the guarantor of the people .


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