Russia 2018 World Cup Eagles to keep 1.2 billion naira bonus

Super Eagles have agreed to keep 30% from a total of $9.5 million that FIFA will pay Nigeria as a qualifier bonus for Russia 2018 World Cup.

Recall that the Super Eagles also kept the same percentage (30%) of the sum paid by FIFA when Nigeria qualified for Brazil 2014.

In this case, the Russia 2018 will be a little higher based on current exchange rate and increased appearance fees. The Super Eagle’s percentage will be at $2.85 million, which is about 1.2 billion Naira.

Just like it happened in Brazil 2014, the figure will be increased if the Super Eagles can qualifier at the group stage in Russia 2018.

Each player will likely get $15,000 for a win in the first round of Russia 2018. The amount will also increase as the Super Eagles moves upward in the tournament.

“The Eagles and the NFF have agreed 30% of the appearance fee paid by FIFA will be the qualification bonus to be paid the team, that is the players and the officials,” a top official said.

“All the players and officials who were involved with the team are to be paid based on their call-ups and appearances.”

Meanwhile, former Super Eagles coach Sunday Oliseh is to share in the $3 million qualifying bonus the NFF have agreed to pay the country’s team.

His backroom staff are also expected to benefit from this windfall.


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