The 29 signs that show a girl is interested in you

When you flirt with a pretty woman, you often ask yourself these questions:

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Is she interested in me? Does she like me? Will she succumb to my charms?

Admit it gentlemen … It would be really great to have concrete answers to these questions and, thus, put a final end to all those little negative thoughts that linger in your head concerning your dream girl.

What I will share with you gentlemen, is what I call, the “Indicator of Interest” also known as IOI.

As the name suggests, we will try to identify the signs of interest that a woman can show when you are in the middle of the ‘wooing game’.

Still waiting to know these little secrets? Ok, let’s go for the show


  • She restarts the conversation when you end it.
  • She touches you unnecessarily.
  • She turns around and looks at you repeatedly.
  • She wiggles her hair and moves abruptly in all directions.
  • She smiles at you and laughs at your jokes (even the most boring joke).
  • She stands near you.
  • She laughs at something you said or interrupts a conversation you having with someone else.
  • She says something to her girlfriend, then they both laugh.
  • She asks you the time, or even a question, just to initiate a conversation.
  • She asks you your name.
  • She asks you your age (Grand IOI, play with her and make her guess).
  • She compliments you.
  • She is a player and tries to challenge you.
  • When she sits beside you, your legs touch.
  • She touches you in different and repeated ways.
  • She will ask to know if you have a girlfriend. (Another great IOI).
  • She will talk about your girlfriend without even knowing if you have one. (That one is my favorite … I know that my target is completely charmed).
  • She keeps her focus on you while talking to you for a long time.
  • She avoids talking about her boyfriend.
  • When you talk about something you love, she claims to loves it too.
  • She tries to create common ground between the both of you.
  • When she says or does something, she looks at you to observe your reaction.
  • She introduces you to her friends.
  • She offers you a drink.
  • She calls you “player” or “ladies man” when you act like one.
  • On leaving, she tells you that she is going away.
  • As you leave, she asks you where you are going.
  • She finds a reason to be with you or near you.

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