The sexiest clothes for men, according to women

Women reveal the sexiest clothes any man can wear.

The people at Reddit came together to discuss the clothes that men should wear to look sexier (and what they should never wear).

As guys, our clothes and fashion accessories are less complicated. You don’t have to wear make-ups and don’t have as many accessories or garments compared to women. But the problem is that, keeping it simple as it comes is not enough to attract most of the women – and this new post from AskReddit confirms it.

The question posed was, “Ladies, what kind of outfit / clothing gets sexier on men? “

Of course Reddit also had a series of silly answers but there were some comments with a lot of value. Let’s see what we have:

srhlzbth731 writes:

In my opinion, it is more important that the clothes fit really well than they have a particular style. That’s what it takes to make you look fantastic.

What I think objectively looks good is a full suit and a shirt with the sleeves folded.

ayyypokkai loves a man in a black blazer:

You can never go wrong with black or dark colours. A more expensive jacket with something simpler underneath will make you look good without the least effort.

Plus, wear trousers that look really good on you.

Spider-Ian may not be a woman, but raises an excellent point here:

My wife told me that one of the times she was most excited was when she saw me replacing a light bulb in the bathroom. I was in jeans, white T-shirt and flannel shirt with sleeves rolled up. She later confessed that the rolled up sleeves are sexy because it looks like we’re ready for action.

MissRainbowtie recommends the classic gentleman look:

Glasses and watch. A look that does not fail.

NoApollonia is also a fan of the classic look:

Honestly, jeans that look good are my favorite in a man.

ravekitt writes that you can look good from the head to the ankles, but if the shoe part is failing, she will not like it.

I don’t know if anyone has said that, but wear relatively good shoes and keep them well maintained. I see many young men wearing beautiful casual clothes, but then combining it with the gym’s tennis. Good tennis can fit well with the right clothes, but you think you have to make the distinction between casual tennis and gym tennis. And this may just be me, but cut and clean nails always look good.


Most men (65%) do not know how to tie a tie as it should be, according to a recent AskMen study .


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