Why should we care about Alzheimer’s?

Mortality rate is higher than breast and prostate cancer.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association report , every 66 seconds someone develops the disease. By 2050 it is predicted that there will be one patient every 33 seconds.

The data and forecasts are alarming. The deaths caused by the disease rose 89% and 1 in 3 elderly die of Alzheimer’s disease. Every six months, there are 239 thousand new cases. 90% of the people living with the disease live in poor countries.

In addition to the alarming figures, in the new Alzheimer’s Disease International report we can access a study by researchers at King’s College of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) , which revealed that many of those suffering from Alzheimer’s have not yet received diagnosis.

The disease has a higher mortality rate than breast and prostate cancer combined and elderly people with Alzheimer’s have twice the hospital admissions compared to the elderly who do not have the disease despite receiving most of the treatment at home.

By 2017, Alzheimer’s will spend $ 259 billion to the US state and by 2050, the number could reach 1.1 trillion. It is the fifth largest cause of death among elderly people over 65 years of age.


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