See some of the sexiest angels at the Victoria’s Secret 2017 parade

The Victoria’s Secret Angels have already paraded on the Shanghai runway. Although we will have to keep waiting to see the final result of this parade turned into a show in video format.

On Monday, November 20, the expected annual parade of the lingerie brand was held in China, preceded by controversial censorship measures with up to six models and star Katy Perry.

No Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is complete without an after-party — and the famous pink carpet that precedes it — this year’s angels changed into their respective soirée-ready ensembles to celebrate in Shanghai.

As per usual, lace and sparkle proved to be among the most popular aesthetics, followed by a smattering of naked dresses that weren’t too dissimilar from the actual lingerie that came down the runway. Now, who said the naked dress was dead?

Check out what everyone wore to get down after the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai on Monday:


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