Shocking traffic chaos on US highways for Thanksgiving

Millions of Americans leave their homes to meet relatives for the national holiday and overflow the roads with huge traffic jams.

The city of Los Angeles, California, is known to have bad traffic, but nothing compares to the days before Thanksgiving. After being named the most congested city in the world in October, its highways are being tested as families try to start their odyssey for the national holiday on November 23.

On Wednesday, ABC and CNN broadcasted aerial videos of nearly paralyzed car drivers on Interstate 405 as they tried to leave the city.

Aerial view

The American Automobile Association estimated that some 49 million Americans will move at least 70 kilometers or more from their home for this traditional festival, one million more travelers than in 2016.

President Donald Trump and his family traveled to his club on Tuesday Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, where they will celebrate Action Thanks and rest until next Sunday.

See video send photos below:


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