This beautiful city in Switzerland wants to pay families 25 million naira to move there

If you are thinking of moving with your family and you like the countryside, the green areas and the mountains of postcards, this news could interest you. A beautiful village in the Swiss Alps wants to pay up to 22 thousand euros (N9,394,000) per adult member of a family willing to move to live there.

It is the dream come true for many: that they pay you to live in a place that seems to be taken from a fairy tale. That is exactly what the small town of Albinen, Switzerland is proposing.

As reported by the Independent newspaper, residents of the city are preparing to vote for a proposal that would pay a family of four people over 60,000 euros (N25,620,000). Although, they must be willing to live a minimum of 10 years. With this proposal, they will try to strengthen the dwindling population.

Currently, the village is home to some 240 people, but that number is beginning to fall. Apparently, in recent years, they have been losing residents, who have moved to large cities such as Zurich and Geneva. Three families have recently left the town, and the loss of eight more students means that the local school would have to be shut down.

These new residents will be eligible for “scholarships” of approximately 22,000 euros (N9,394,000) per adult and about 9,000 euros (N3,843,000) per child. There are, of course, some conditions attached to the stipend: new residents must be under 45 and be willing to spend that entire decade in Albinen.

Also, in the event that a family decides to leave before the allotted time period, they will have to return the money in full. They must also buy or build a house with a minimum value of about 160 thousand euros. That house should be the main residence.

So if you are looking for a change of scenery, Albinen could be the perfect solution. As the city explained in an official statement, the program ” will be a future investment for us .”


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  • Very interesting. I lived with my family in Switzerland (in the city, not the alps) over 20 years ago and have many lovely memories from there. Haven’t been back for a long time but I wonder if the environment has become more accepting and open towards non-white families.



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