Honda electric cars can charge their batteries in 15 minutes

The Japanese brand plans a charging system for the batteries of its electric vehicles that can complete a recharge in just 15 minutes, although it will only be available in 2022.

In recent months, Honda has been presenting a series of prototypes , with a format inspired by the Honda models of the 1970s and 1980s. The Japanese manufacturer has confirmed that these conceptual works will materialize as production models coming to the market to form a new family of electric vehicles .

But beyond its attractive design, these models will have a novelty in terms of technology, as they will incorporate a system of rapid recharge of their batteries, which with a single charge of 15 minutes will allow them to travel up to 240 kilometers .

This fast charging function will be possible thanks to the technology that will be used in its high capacity battery packs , which will no longer be supplied by Panasonic.

According to the most recent reports, Europe will have several thousand 350 kW charging stations by the year 2020 and it is expected that something similar will happen in Japan, where the current 150 kW fast chargers could raise their limit to 350 kW to support 15 minute recharges .

The Japanese brand has already announced that all new models that launch in Europe will be electric and among them will be the production version of the Urban EV Concept , a retro-looking hatchback that will only be offered with a purely electric propulsion system, the only one of this series of electric prototypes that has been confirmed as a production model up to now.


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